This blog post was updated on October 29, 2018.

Full body scanners are coming to an airport near you


Chicago travelers will be the first interact with full body scanners as the first one debuted at the United State’s second largest airport Monday.

After a brief introduction to the press on how the new machines works, passengers were sent through the machines at O’Hare International Airport.

The Chicago airport will receive more full body scanners in the coming months according to Federal transportation authorities.

The new controversial and expensive machine is located at Terminal 1 and is not expected to slow down traffic at the security gate.

Since the failed Christmas bombing aboard a Northwest Airlines flight headed to Detroit from Amsterdam, demand has been on the rise at many airports for full body scanners.

Opposition to the machines state that the long term health risks have not been studied and that the machines violate privacy laws. As of right now U.S. travelers can turn down the full body machine and instead get a pat down from a TSA agent.

Many other airports nationwide will soon follow O’Hare by installing full body scanners, which brings us to today’s question. Will you use full body scanners when traveling or opt out for a pat down from a TSA agent?


Source: Associated Press 

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