Chicago Restaurat Named "Greenest" in America, Flickr: Arnold Gatilao

Restaurants are a huge part of the day for anyone with flights to Chicago visiting and now the “Greenest Restaurant” in the U.S. can be found in the Windy City.


It’s called Uncommon Ground.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel commented on the achievement in the MarketWatch report.

“I’m proud to have in our City of Chicago the Greenest Restaurant in the Country,” says Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. “Uncommon Ground is a great example of what our city can do and what our country can do, use water and energy more efficiently, grow more sustainable food, while boasting the world’s most sustainable businesses.”

The Chicago restaurant won also named one of the best new restaurants in 2008 among many other environmentally conscious awards in regards to food.


Photo: Arnold Gatilao

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