Rahm Emanuel Proponent of Chicago Casino Gaming 


Rahm Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago and former aide to the President, is pressuring Illinois’ governor to pass legislation allowing casino gaming in Chicago.


Gov. Pat Quinn, quoted by the Chicago Tribune, doesn’t “think any person with common sense, looking at the legislation today, would say that it has sufficient protections for the public.”


The Tribue says Quinn is not vocally opposed to gaming but he doesn’t approve of the present proposal, which permits some casinos in other areas and slot machines at racetracks.


The mayor hopes Quinn can be swayed to sign, as monies from gaming are desperately needed by the city.


“I wasn’t like an enthusiast about it, but I cannot continue to have Hammond, Ind., get $20 million a month (from gaming) while our infrastructure is crumbling,” Emanuel is reported as saying.


The Tribune suggests that casino revenue would facilitate close to 15,000 additional jobs and support Chicago’s infrastructure and school system, one would also assume that casinos would help encourage people to book more plane tickets to Chicago.




Source: USA Today


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