The Windy City charges travelers the most in taxes


On an average three-day domestic trip, travelers pay up to $101 in sales, hotel, rental car and other extra taxes aimed at them, a study presented on Thursday from a business travel group says.


The report, commissioned by the National Business Travel Association, claims travelers pay not only local sales taxes and goods and services when visiting a U.S. city, but also 144% more each day they rent a car, stay at hotel and eat out.


The report studied 50 U.S. cities with the most air passengers. It discovered that a typical business traveler pays $101.27 in taxes on average for hotel, car rental and meals during a three-day, two-night stay in Chicago, more than any other city.


A traveler pays the minimum amount of taxes, $52.49 – in Portland, Oregon.  Other cities with taxes under $55 for a three-day, four-night stay include Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers, Florida, Honolulu and Detroit.



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