Checking Out Prague Castle. Photo credit: Amy Wiener 
Prague Castle or the Prazsky hrad is the biggest Castle area in the world.  The iconic structure is the inspiration for fairy tales, films and television shows, as it is one of the most substantial remnants of medieval times. The Caste is really more of a village or small town on the top of a hill, overlooking tiered village streets below and the expansive Prague, expanded over the centuries. 
Prague Castle is a hike.  I went on a 105 degree day, and I would not recommend it!  Even with the heat, it was magnificent.  Stairs and shops are there to aid you along the way, and the trek up is a beautiful sight in itself.  The experience is very thought provoking because you can’t help but get an inkling of what it must have been like to live in medieval times.  Prague was the capital of Bohemia and once the center of the Holy Roman Empire, the richest and most powerful dynasty.  The beauty, regality, and vastness contribute to an understanding of the historical significance of the city. 
The Castle and its surrounding buildings are still utilized today for the current government.  Prague itself has been ravaged by wars, occupations, and changing governance, and the variety of cultural influences that arrived with each shift have made intriguing impacts on the architecture of the Castle. 
Tours of the Castle are available and there are numerous attractions set atop the hill as well, including a theatre, shops, cafes, and other smaller museums.  The best part of the Castle is the view, and imagining what it must have been like to be part of that society when it was the center of the world.
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Photo credit: Amy Wiener

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