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When traveling with your best friend, booking cheap flights, preparing for your trip, and packing your bags are some of the most exciting moments. But nothing quite compares to the moment when you step off the plane. As you and your pal get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, it’s important to remember that not every moment will be smooth sailing. Traveling and flying internationally can be tough, brewing all sorts of conflict. But in this portion of our two-part series, we will give you the tools to make the most out of this trip.

During The Trip: Communicating Effectively

Two friends traveling together. Travelers waiting at the airport departure area for their a flight.

After you set expectations, it’s important to open communication lines. Try out these techniques to manage conflicts and stay best friends while traveling together.

  • Know when to spend the day apart
    This is one of the most important lessons that traveling pairs can learn. If you want to do different activities during the day, remember that it’s okay to do so. You can always meet back up for something you both want to do.
  • Learn how your travel partner recharges
    When you get burnt out, you likely have your own way of recharging. Perhaps you take a nap or read a book. Ask your friend how they like to spend their downtime, so you can be understanding when they need some time to rest.
  • Communicate your needs
    If you’re feeling too hungry to keep walking through a museum, speak up. Nobody benefits when you keep your needs in your head. Your friend will appreciate it when you communicate this.
  • Plan travel friend dates
    Even during budget travel, it’s exciting to plan special outings or meals. Throughout the trip, plan certain moments ahead of time. These friend dates can build memories that last a lifetime.
  • Keep sharing responsibilities
    Just as when you were preparing for your flight, remember to divide up different duties. These may include purchasing bus tickets, asking for directions, and checking into your hostel. By sharing these responsibilities, no one will feel like they’re carrying more of the weight.

Whether you were like the 23% of millennials who use social media for travel destination ideas, or you’ve been scheming this up since you were a child, you and your best friend are bound to have a great time on your adventure. Just keep up communication, board your cheap flights, and get ready for happy memories!

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