When you want to travel the world without breaking the bank, you have to become a professional at finding cheap airline flights. But even when you’re saving money on airline tickets, travel can be stressful. From knowing what to pack to feeling comfy when flying internationally to trying to stay healthy through a long flight, it can all feel very overwhelming.

What better way to take some of the guesswork out of flying than to consult the EXPERTS?

We’ve put together some top tips and tricks from those who fly the friendly skies more frequently than almost anyone: flight attendants.

Create a Packing (and Unpacking) Routine

In 2016, U.S. travelers embarked on 458.9 million domestic business trips. For domestic business meetings, looking for affordable flight deals are a great solution for affordable trips across state lines. However, regularly booking cheap airline flights for business won’t make you a packing pro. If you find that you put off packing until the last minute or always seem to leave something behind, you might want to consider adopting a tried-and-true routine.

You can make a list or stick to a specific order for packing and unpacking your toiletries, footwear, outfits, accessories, and gadgets. Flight attendants need to be efficient, leaving nothing to chance. Consider taking a similar approach when preparing for your trip and when you come home so that you don’t find yourself in a time crunch, poised for a meltdown. Anything that can help you stay organized and save time will be a real lifesaver.

Roll It and Keep It Light

Whether you’ve reserved a cheap flight or are forking over some serious cash for those tickets, overpacking is a no-no. Not only will you curse yourself later for taking up valuable room in your luggage, but you may end up paying more for an overweight bag. Rolling your clothes can help you make use of every bit of space in your suitcase and ensure it’s balanced. Above all else, you’ll want to pack light. Pack two pairs of shoes at most and plan to bring essentials you can mix and match throughout your trip. This might mean you can’t bring your most fashionable garments, but it’s probably worth the sacrifice.

ID Every Bag

Most people understand the importance of placing an ID card or other unique markers on checked bags, especially since so many passengers travel with large, black suitcases. But even if you don’t ever plan to check your bag, you should get an ID tag and make sure it looks unique. If you ever have to check your carry-on at the gate or store it far away from your seat, at least you’ll know no one will mistake your bag for theirs.

Be Sure to Hydrate and Stay Warm

When you book affordable deals domestically or cheap airline flights internationally, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the journey. To do that, you’ll need to remember to hydrate and stay warm. If you don’t have room for a warm jacket in your carry-on, you may want to bring a large scarf that can double as a blanket. You should also drink lots of water and bring hand cream or moisturizing mist to feel fresh along the way. Some flight attendants recommend you bring an empty water bottle you can refill to save money without getting dehydrated or relying on sodas. That way, once you arrive, you’ll feel energized and ready to see the sights.

Packing and preparing for your upcoming flight can be a challenge, but these tips should help you tackle these tasks like a boss. Ready to find unbeatable deals to an amazing destination? We’re here to help you along every step of the way.

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