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Many airlines are reducing fees during peak travel days


Usually passengers planning to travel around the holidays can expect to pony up a little more, especially when flying on peak travel days. It’s become commonplace in the industry for airlines to add peak fees during the busiest travel days like the day before Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.

However, a change in policy in 2011 could make it easier to find cheap flights this holiday season.

By this time last year, most major airlines had already added peak fees for 18 days between November 18 and early January. This year, however, that number looks to be greatly reduced.

So far in 2011, Delta, American, United, and Continental airlines have added peak fees for just six days beginning in late November. Those four airlines have imposed fees on November 27 and 28, December 22, 23, and 26, and January 2.

Why the change? According to experts, it could be a response to the sluggish economy and fears that rising ticket prices could keep travelers home during a normally busy travel period.

It should be noted, however, that the trend isn’t catching on industry-wide. Some airlines, like US Airways, have already announced peak travel fees for 19 days. So be sure to do your homework before booking.


Source: LA Times

Flickr:  agahran

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