Celebrating Dutch Holiday Traditions in Amsterdam

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While Germany is well known for their Christmas Holiday Markets, their neighbor next door certainly knows how to enjoy the Christmas joy. Celebrating Christmas in The Netherlands goes beyond shopping and presents. It’s a nice time to settle down and enjoy the comfort of one another. If you happen to be in Amsterdam, you can especially catch some of the holiday spirit.

Sinterklaas: Wait a minute, who is this skinny version of Santa the Dutch people keep talking about? This holiday figure celebrated in The Netherlands and other European countries is part of the festivities a few weeks before Christmas. He is celebrated on December 5th, particularly by Dutch children as this is regarded as a children’s holiday. Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas is important to Amsterdam because he is the patron saint of the city.

First and Second Christmas:
Around the world, Christmas is often celebrated on the 25th of December, but in some countries, there are other days it is recognized. For the Dutch, not only is Christmas observed, but a Second Christmas day on the 26th of December is recognized. Both days are meant to be spent with family, enjoying a cozy meal, and creating the perfect Christmas ambiance.

Amsterdam Christmas Markets: Christmas markets are starting to spread beyond Germany, so it is no doubt that they happen to land in Amsterdam. With 26 neighborhood markets, Amsterdam offers unique shopping opportunities for those looking for the perfect gift. The markets are open, rain or shine (since it rains a lot in Amsterdam), so you can enjoy the markets any time. There are even theme-related markets, like the typical Flower Market specializing in trees and Christmas greenery, the organic market and even the Pink Market, featuring a gay-friendly theme and performances.

Christmas Concerts at the Concertgebouw: A nice way to spend Christmas together in Amsterdam is to attend one of the Christmas Concerts. The Concertgebouw is one of the finest examples of Dutch architecture and offers free classical concerts (free on Christmas Eve) at this famous 19th century venue. Enjoy your favorite holiday classics in this lovely concert hall in Amsterdam and find the Dutch Christmas spirit to be especially contagious.

Amsterdam Lights Festival: Who says the Christmas spirit can’t last a little longer? This year, Amsterdam introduced its inaugural appearance with the Amsterdam Light Festival. The city is known for its gorgeous canals, but imagine how much nicer it would look with illuminating Christmas lights? The city comes to life with light fixtures on the walking routes, canals and even boats and floating displays. This spectacular event lasts through January, so if the holiday season gets busy, you can still enjoy it even after the New Year.

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