10 Days in Dublin is a city-wide festival in its third year and going strong.  A classmate of mine and some of his friends had the idea a few years back to make an open festival, inspired by Fringe in Edinburgh, in which artists from the city and elsewhere could apply to participate apart from the politics of the art scene.   The festival has grown substantially since then, taking over the city’s best venues for ten days in July with a line up so expansive. Its head spinning.  The artistic spirit of Dublin is overwhelming and inspiring to a foreigner living in the city, and the festival itself brings that together in a tangible and collective expression of the shared belief in that spirit.
The festival has multiple acts on every night running simultaneously all over the city.  The programs include Comedy, Film, Music, Spoken Word, Theatre and Visual Art.  If you’re a student traveler, this is a great way to see what’s going on in the city beyond the usual tourist attractions, and to meet great locals around your age.  
Here are some performances I can recommend from personal experience
The Wedding Party (Theatre) will be performed July 8th  and 9th at 1:30 pm at the Boys School in Smock Alley theatre for €8.
Trinity Orchestra Plays Michael Jackson and Queen (Music) will be playing July 6th at 7:30 pm at Vicar Street for €12 at the door and €10 from the Box Office. 
Touchwood and CPNHGN (Music) will be playing July 4th at the the Workman’s for €10 at 8:30 pm.
The Young Folk (Music) will be playing at The Workman’s on July 6th at 8:30 for €8 at the door and €5 ahead of time.
Sweatbox presented by Pettycash (Spoken Word) is on July 13th at the Ferocious Mingle Market for €12 at the door at €10 ahead of time at 10pm. 
Murzo (Visual Art) will be displayed July 4th through 6th with the opening night 6-8pm on July 4th.  Admission is free. 
If you will be visiting Dublin from July 4th to 13th, definitely check out http://www.10daysindublin.com for the full line up (it’s huge!). And if you don't currently have plans to visit, why not check out some cheap flights to Dublin? Tickets to the festival can be purchased online or at the Box Office on Wellington Quay.
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Photo Credit: Amy Wiener 

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