Cathay Pacific will provide live television and more!


Cathay Pacific plans to provide its entire fleet with full broadband internet access, a mobile phone service and live television.


In arrangements with Panasonic Avionics, the eXConnect broadband system will have speeds of up to 50 megabytes on the Hong Kong flag-carrier’s aircraft by early 2012. Flights will also have a call and data service for cell phones.


The system will be available through all passenger devices and seatback screens. It will also include a variation of content updated during the flight, plus live television with options of pay-per-view.


The system will allow passengers to be as in touch as they want to be while enjoying their flight; however the service will not be free. Cathay Pacific plans to announce pricing once the structure is complete.



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  1. Beth Mahoney

    Cant say that I’ve ever heard of this airline, but I like this plan. I’ll have to look for them when I am traveling in 2012.


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