Newark Liberty International Airport has pet problems


Passengers at Newark Liberty International Airport are pretty used to delays. From snowstorms to security breaches, customers at one of the country’s busiest hubs have seen it all.


But many were shocked to find out that a cat was causing a delay at the security checkpoint when they attempted to check in on Tuesday morning.


In order for the pet’s cage to go through the X-ray machine, the cat had to be released.


While attempting to get the brown-and-black feline out of the carrier, it escaped and lodged itself underneath the bomb-detecting machine at Checkpoint A-2 in Newark’s Terminal A.


In order to catch the kitty, TSA agents had to call in a lift to pick up the machine. The cat was captured and placed back into its carrier.


Unfortunately the woman did not make her flight home to Florida.


Source: Associated Press

Image: Wikimedia


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