You and your partner aren’t looking for a typical honeymoon getaway, complete with white beaches, tranquil couples massages and lazy days. No, no, no. You two are looking for something that’ll satiate your need to have your heart pound, your legs ache and your spirits lifted. You’re looking for a honeymoon that’ll give you scrapes and scratches, not a perfect tan line. And that’s just perfect, because we’ve put together a list of all the hot spots folks like you can travel to after your big day. So slip into a harness, flex those muscles and get ready to go from saying, “I do” to screaming “Yahoo!”

(And, please, forgive us for that last line. We just got super excited and threw shame out of the window).

Cheese, Wine — Oh, and a Huge Hike

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For all the couples out there who want to spend ten days circumnavigating the extremely strenuous trails of a mountain known for its village cheesemongers, this is the trip for you. Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps, is a hunk of rock so huge it crosses the borders of three countries: France, Italy and Switzerland. Adventurous couples will want to plan to tackle ten miles a day on this steep circumnavigation — but, don’t worry, we wouldn’t send you here just to get you all sweaty and tired. Scattered in the peaks and crevices of the hulking mountain are tiny villages with everything the wary trekker could ever want… Hostels, water and — oh heck yes — loads of cheese and wine. Who could ask for a more romantic retreat?

Hit Up the River (Then Chill Out at the Hot Springs)

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If you and your partner are pros with a paddle, head up to Idaho’s Salmon River. Also known to locals as “The River of No Return”, this watery getaway is perfect for the adventurous couple. Whether you want to try out whitewater rafting, canoeing or kayaking (or all three!), this river is an increasingly popular destination for its incredibly scenic vistas, talented local guides, nearby hot springs and plethora of pristine campsites. Flowing uninhibited for over 425 miles, the waterway is one of the longest rivers in the United States without a dam. Pack up your two-person tent and get ready to tone those arms and treat your eyes to a slice of amazingly well-preserved paradise.

Pedal Your Way Across Tasmania

If you two are as energetic as the Tasmanian Devil, you’ll definitely want to check out the wild west coast of the tiny land. Featuring unspoiled terrain that requires arduous climbs, shaky descents and striking landscapes, biking along the coast of Tasmania is any adventurous couple’s daydream. Soaring mountain peaks, an endless ocean breeze, pristine rivers and an unbelievable feeling of solitude are just a few of the things that define this side of the island. Plan to take about ten days touring the nearly 400 miles of rugged coastline, tackling about 40 miles a day.

Throw Caution to the Wind in New Zealand

Hiking huge mountains, rafting over turbulent water and cycling through steep terrain not enough for you two? Then take the ultimate trip that will get your heart racing by making the trek down to New Zealand’s adrenaline hub: Queenstown. This city on the South Island takes extreme sports and has them diving out of a helicopter on a snow-capped mountain strapped into skis (which, incidentally, is something you can actually do here). Hop on a jet boat and cruise recklessly through flowing rivers, slip into a full-body harness and canyon swing, paraglide over the country’s mystical landscapes or bungee jump where bungee jumping was invented. Whatever activity your wacky heart desires, Queensland most likely has the answer.

Thinking of proposing just to jet off to one of these extreme destinations? Let us know which one you’re going to be daydreaming about in the comments!

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