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Toronto, like Paris and 
New York City, has a thriving cafe culture and some of the best cafes in
Canada for beating chilly breezes off Lake Ontario. With affordable flights to
Toronto, you, too, can roam the city's lively, cultural diverse neighborhoods and
find a variety of interesting cafes that serve flavorful coffee, a fun quick
bite, and provide a perfect spot to relax and warm up as the weather cools


Foam Tricks
Love latte art? Then you won't be alone in Toronto, a city
filled with baristas who have taken their skills with foamed milk designs to
new heights of wow. Bull
Dog Coffee
 on Granby Street celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and over the past
decade has become favorite among locals and tourists. Run by an award-winning
barista (yes, there are competitions for coffee-making), Bull Dog Coffee whips
was lattes sometimes too pretty to drink, from classic flowers and hearts to an
actual face of a dog. Try the Blanco Bull Dog, a white hot chocolate with dark
chocolate designs, and feel free to add a shot of espresso if feeling the need.


Old Meets New
hipster mecca the Distillery
has been described as "a time warp but with a modern espresso
machine." I absolutely love this cafe, and our family easily wiled a few
hours on the velvety orange couch that sits upstairs.The cafe is a two-story
1895 harbor front pump house renovated into a funky Parisian-style cafe now
pumping coffee. Sit outside or inside, where a diaphanous chandelier looms
overhead, while upstairs, there's a distant, but nice view of the CN Tower and
art work by local artists hanging on the walls.


After sightseeing around Toronto, perhaps Mom and Dad need a
boost while the kids need a snack? Playful Grounds on
College Street was established with families in mind and offers a great menu as
well, such as the "Chocolate Monkey," which is chocolate hazelnut
spread and bananas on organic whole wheat bread or grilled cheese sandwiches
made with marble havarti cheese. Grown-ups may be interested in the Playful
Grounds house salad of organic mixed greens, carrot and sunflower seeds topped
with rosemary croutons and your choice or protein. Playful Grounds also provides
a picnic menu, featuring combinations of sandwiches, drinks and snacks that you
can pick up and then go enjoy at a nearby park.


Feeling Squirrely?
The name alone makes me want to become  a regular: White Squirrel Coffee on
West Queen Street specializes in eco-conscious, fair-trade, organic coffee and
homemade treats, which is why it's quickly become a popular hangout. Near
Alexandra Park, this cafe is a true urban hangout, and keeps its doors open to
everyone, from dog lovers to skaters to moon-eyed couples to folks buried in
their smartphones. Serving breakfast, hot lunches, gluten-free, vegan, and
vegetarian options, as well  as sweets
and treats, White Squirrel makes it easy to watch the day go by without leaving
your seat.


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Photo credit: aljuarez 

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