Traveling often has a huge reputation as being an extremely positive experience. This may be true for backpackers, vacationers and vagabonds, but there are often stereotypes and misunderstandings about the world abroad. Once you begin to travel more and understand these myths are false, you'll have a better appreciation for the travel experience. Nonetheless, it's interesting to look at common stereotypes and try to understand how they came to be.


The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: Otherwise known as the Devil's triangle, it is a region in the western North Atlantic Ocean where strange things seem to happen in the area. In this paranormal place, aircrafts and surface vessels apparently disappear. The area is roughly near Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico; extremely popular tourist areas. While some believe extra terrestrial activity is apparent, others blame Mother Nature or simple misfortune. The region is highly traveled and a busy crossroads for it to be some sort of mysterious activity.


Female Travelers should not travel alone: There is a common misconception that traveling alone as a female is dangerous. Besides understanding that traveling alone is a risky endeavor to begin with, it shouldn't hold back women from traveling alone. The experience can be enriching, powerful and eye opening; an opportunity to connect with other travelers and fulfill a wonderful journey. Women should take precautions in dangerous cities or area’s that are sensitive to female travelers. Take simple advice such as not traveling alone at night, dressing conservatively when possible and staying in groups during travel periods.


Americans do not travel: Once you've been bitten by the travel bug, you become more aware of the atmosphere of world travelers. Whether you're backpacking or vacationing for a weekend, you realize where most people travel. It is evident to the world that Americans do not travel as much as Europeans and Australians in general. Many are even shocked to learn most Americans do not even have a passport. But, this doesn't mean that Americans do not travel at all, or that they have no interest in it. They might travel differently, or not put as much effort into planning a long trip because of demanding careers. Hopefully, the Americans that do travel can spread the travel bug to others!


You cannot travel in the Middle East: Even if fighting, wars and religious indifference may occur in this region, it doesn't mean the Middle East should be completely avoided. The key to traveling in this area is to stay safe, avoid crowds and demonstrations and to travel smart. It's a shame for travelers to miss famous landmarks such as Petra, the Egyptian Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. It's a fascinating place where significant cultures began and where three monotheistic religions call home.


Traveling is expensive: When you calculate the travel experience as a whole, the numbers can seem daunting, especially if you travel to countries where the U.S. Dollar may not be to your advantage, such as Western Europe. This shouldn't disregard a traveler from visiting these countries, or to cut back on traveling. Budget travel is not a myth, but instead an option worth digging a little deeper for. It might take longer to find a flight, or you might have a longer travel day, but saving hundreds on flights means more money to spend in the location. Travel cheaply by sharing expenses with friends or family, staying in budget hostels if possible and cooking your own meals abroad. It will make the trip a unique and cost friendly experience.

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