Crowds gather for a bullfight in Mexico


Barcelona has seen its last bullfight. The centuries-old tradition ended in the independent Catalonia region of Spain last weekend following a 2010 vote which moved to outlaw the controversial sport.


However, elsewhere in Spain and certain other parts of the world, the tradition lives on even as it remains as a hot-button issue. Also popular in Southern France, Mexico, and parts of South America, bullfighting as a whole is drawing fire in the wake of Catalonia’s sweeping ban.


Animal rights activists label it a cruel and outdated practice while defenders of the sport point to its long-standing cultural tradition.


While a majority Americans seem opposed to the practice, figures from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) show that many Americans arriving on flights to Spain choose to attend bullfights as part of the cultural immersion process. According to WSPA numbers, 6.2 million Americans have witnessed a bullfight.


What do you think? Should bullfighting be outlawed altogether?


Source: USA Today

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    There is a HUGE difference between eating a steak and slowly torturing an animal to death. Death is a natural part of life, but no human or animal should be tortured for another’s gain.


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