Budget Romance in Paris

Face it, we all know it is called the City of Love for a reason. The sweet aura of old school Paris holds this nickname for centuries. Is it romance of the French language, the succulent aroma of French bread or the romantic sights? Whatever it may be, spending a romantic vacation in Paris can be budget friendly if you’re creative enough.

Stay at a budget friendly b&n: With over 1,500 hotels in Paris, you’d imagine something has to be budget friendly! Look no further than beyond the touristy city center by considering areas like the student friendly Latin quarter or the no frills Gare Du Nord. What’s nice about finding affordable hotels is observing old tradition, such as impressive architecture since many Parisian buildings date far back in history.

Have a romantic picnic: Having a romantic picnic is essentially a good idea worldwide, but the cherry on top is being in Paris. Start by heading to local markets together to find fresh bread, cheese and other picnic goodies. Luckily, for you and your lover, there is lots of green to be found! Consider the Luxemburg Gardens, jardins de Plantis, or the Promenade Plante. Just make sure to bring an extra blanket in case it gets chilly for extra snuggle time.

Take a hot air balloon ride: Looking for an alternative to getting a bird’s eye view of Paris? Avoid the touristy Eiffel Tower and consider this instead. Though it is tethered to the ground, the uniqueness of a hot air balloon ride is still sweet. For 10 euros, you’ll share the ride with others, but isn’t spending quality time together is what truly counts?

Paris city passport: If you have 24 hours in this romantic city, make the most out of it. Investing in the new Paris city passport means budget friendly sight-seeing and shopping. For just under $7, you get 370 in coupons for savings off museum admissions, River boat cruises, bus tours and nightly events. There is so much rich culture in Paris, you’ll be impressed with what you see and how budget friendly your day went. Which means more money to spend on chocolate and wine.

Do the Eiffel Tower: It’s touristy, it’s probably crowded, but it is tres romantique. Your lover will leave you if you do not ascend the Eiffel Tower. If you’ve got enough fuel to do it, save money by climbing halfway. You’ll still get a view and save. Regardless of this option, visiting the Eiffel Tower is one of those affordable things you must see because the view and the romantic time together is priceless.
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