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Haitian man is being charged with Saturday's security breach at JFK Airport


Jules Paul Bouloute is facing trespassing charges after he allegedly caused
a security breach Saturday afternoon at New York’s
John F.
Kennedy International


The incident caused an immediate evacuation of the JFK terminal, which disrupted
travel and caused massive delays for hundreds of angry passengers.


The 57-year-old man was arrested later in the evening at his Brooklyn
home and is being charged with criminal trespassing according to the Port


Bouloute was returning from his homeland of Haiti,
where he was visiting until the massive 7.0 earthquake rocked the tiny country.
He had flown from Haiti
to the Dominican Republic
and then hopped a plane to Orlando
before finally arriving in JFK on Saturday.


The breach, which the TSA said occurred around 3:30pm when Bouloute entered a door marked "employees
only", forced agents to clear Terminal 8 and re-screen each and every


Unlike the breach at Newark
earlier this month, the cameras did pick up the entire incident right away,
which led to police being able to find and arrest the man within hours.


Source: Associated Press

Flickr: ricoeurian

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  1. Salvatore

    What an idiot! Who in their right mind opens a door clearly marked employees only, especially in this day and age with extra high airport security!? I hope he gets what is coming to him when he goes to court.


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