Unite union members and British Airways continue heated contract negotiations


British Airways and Unite continue contract talks


Talks will continue Tuesday as British Airways and the Unite union meet yet again for the latest round of negotiations to work out a new deal. Cabin crew workers started a second five-day walkout this past Sunday after negotiations between both sides ended without an agreement.


If nothing is settled by this week, the union will strike again on June 5. That is scary news for some passengers, which plan to use BA for World Cup travel, with the big game starting June 11 in South Africa.


And the strikes might keep on coming throughout the summer as the Unite union warned of even more walkouts if no deal is met, with many of the strikes occuring during peak summer travel dates. To say that this ongoing feud is getting uglier by the day would be a major understatement.


This nasty back and forth battle does not look like it will be settled anytime soon. Workers are fighting for better wages, working conditions and the reinstatement of travel perks, which BA took away from cabin crew members that walked off the job last March. BA apparently refused to reinstate the benefits, so the talks ended abruptly.


So what do you think of the war between British Airways and Unite union? Which side are you on and have the ongoing strikes affected your travel plans. Leave a comment below.


Source: ABC News 

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