British Airways strike to be refreshed (Image: Wikimedia)
British Airways Union will vote to refresh strike mandate


The cabin-crew union of British Airways said it will survey members on further strike action; the timing of the vote is the only issue to be resolved.


Unite’s national officer for aviation stated today that the balloting will be taking place after a proper timeline is decided.


The last five-day walkout by 12,000 flight attendants at Europe’s third-biggest carrier ends today and the union is legally bound to refresh its strike mandate to continue the action.


Today included, crews have stopped work on 22 days since March 20 in their dispute over staffing levels and wage bills.


Beyond contract terms, the ballot will concern the airline’s removal of travel perks for striking workers and disciplinary actions during the clash. 


The union approximates that the strike costs the airline as much as $10 million a day.


Source: Bloomberg Businessweek


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