Unite has striked 22 days this year


Both British Airways and Unite met Tuesday to continue to try to work on a contract that would make both sides happy. Unfortunately nothing was accomplished, as neither the airline nor the union could come to terms on a new deal.


Brokered by Britain’s state-funded Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, BA and their 12,000 cabin crew members have been battling back and forth for the last 16-months over the airline slashing jobs, improved wages and lately for the reinstatement of travel perks that the carrier took away from striking workers last March.


Since March, the cabin crew has walked off the job 22 days, costing the airlines millions and leaving passengers stranded and looking for last-minute alternate travel plans. The last set of strikes ended on June 9, but the union has warned of more walk-offs if no new deal is signed.


Prior to this week, the last time to two sat down was on June 1. They plan to continue talks later this week. It has been reported that the Unite union has recently warmed up to the latest BA offer, however they are demanding the airline give back the travel perks as well if a new deal is hashed out.


Source: BBC 

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