British Airways cabin crew continue to strike over wages and lost travel perks. (Image: Wikimedia)

The battle between British Airways and the Unite union continues on as neither side can even agree on a place to meet to discuss a new deal. While British Airways said it was open to talk with the union, the chances that the two sides would meet Tuesday faded by the hour.


Ask either side about the impact of the strike and each firmly proclaim that they are winning. On one side Willie Walsh and BA said they were managing to fly 60,000 people per day during the walkout and on the other side Unite, under the joint leadership of Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson, believe the strikes are working.


The last time the union went on strike back in March, it led to huge financial losses for British Airways and disrupted thousands of flights for seven days. Unite plans to strike for three more days, with two more strikes planned in the coming weeks.


The union is fighting for better wages, but it is the removal of flight benefits and travel perks for some flight attendants as punishment for walking off the job a few months ago that has become the real heated issue when it comes to working out a new deal.


So who do you feel is right in this battle? Are you siding with British Airways or Unite union? Leave a comment below about this ongoing feud.



Source: The Guardian

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