Unite union protest British Airways with another round of strikes.

Unite strike with BA continues


Negotiations between British Airways and leaders from the Unite union will meet yet again Friday after talks between the two sides failed to bring about a new deal Wednesday.


Since the strikes started earlier this week, BA has grounded hundreds of flights out of Heathrow airport in London. Thedisagreement over wages and working conditions have forced cabin crew members to walk off the job with future strikes scheduled for next week.


Months and months of back and forth bickering between the two sides looks to not be coming to an end anytime soon. Tony Woodley, co-leader of the Unite union, said negotiations to come up with a new deal that both sides could agree on would not be easy.


The current strike is set to end Friday, with the next round to start again Sunday. BA announced Wednesday that it planned to operate more flights during the next strike, as less workers walked out then planned. BA will fly over 75 percent of their customers who currently have a booking between May 30 and June 3.


BA stands by their offer and believes that it was "very fair." Stay tuned here as this seemingly never ending dispute continues. 


Source: Associated Press

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