British Airways & union set to meet Tuesday


Airways cabin crew are reportedly going to take part in an online ballot Tuesday on whether or not to come to a peace deal with BA or go ahead with further strikes.


Members of the Unite Union, which make up roughly 12,000 British Airways employees, will be able to go online Tuesday after both sides meet to discuss a new contract. The poll will remain open for five days.


One major sticking point from the union is that they want some of their benefits, like free flights and discounted travel, reinstated immediately. Last month BA took away these perks in response to walking off the job two consecutive weekends.


An email to union members stated, "It is
our intention to seek your views in the form of an online ballot, which
will run for a period of five days. You will then either choose to
accept the deal or give notice for further strike dates."


While significant progress has been made between both sides, neither side has commented on whether or not a deal will be made anytime soon.


Source: The Guardian

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