British Airways Strike Update: BA will not back down to Unite
British Airways refuses to back down to Unite


British Airways refuses to back down over the cabin crew dispute and is fully prepared to run a close-to full service if another strike occurs, chief executive Willie Walsh has said.


The tortured British Airways boss exhibited no sign of giving in or giving up in regards to Unite during a speech to travel professionals. He claimed it was not “entirely” the union’s fault that an agreement had not been met in the past 12 months.


The conflict between cabin crew members and their employer first began when BA revealed changes to working practices, reducing flight attendant numbers on flights and offering a pay freeze.


After a series of strikes that proved detrimental to the airline, the dispute fell into a bitter sequence over the withdrawal of staff travel ‘perks’ from strikers.
Walsh has said repeatedly that he refuses to back down  in regards to the cabin crew.


Source: Sky News HD



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