British Airways strike ends after four-days


The British Airways strike ended at midnight local time with the cabin crew returning to work after a four-day walkout. Europe’s third largest airline has promised to fly most of their scheduled flights out of London’s Heathrow Tuesday as they try to get things back to normal.


The two strikes, which lasted a total of seven days over two long weekends, is estimated to have cost BA a whopping 75 million pounds ($113 million). Both sides have said openly that they are open to further negotiations, but no meetings are scheduled as of this post. Strike threats continue as Unite union is rumored to be planning more walkouts if a new contract can not be agreed upon.


Unite says a new contract must not only include their demands of better pay and work conditions, but also the reinstating of travel
perks that British Airways Chief Executive Offer Willie Walsh took away from striking employees. Walsh has stated that any new proposals by the union must now include the cost of the
strike in them.



Source: Business Week

Image: Wikimedia

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