British Airways said Thursday that it plans to operate more than 60 percent of their long haul flights and more than 50 percent of their short haul flights at London's Heathrow Airport when their cabin crew walks off the job next week.


The Unite union, which represents BA's cabin crew, has announced four strikes to take place over 20 days throughout May and June. In an attempt to calm down passengers with scheduled flights during the strikes, BA released information on their official website that explains what will go down when their works strike.


On the site BA states, "We plan to operate all flights to and from London City and London Gatwick. At Heathrow we intend to operate more than 60 percent of long haul
flights and more than 50 percent of short haul flights in the first
strike period and we will add to this schedule where we can."


The scheduled strike dates include five-day walkouts on May 18, May 24, May 30 and June 5, returning to work for 24 hours between each strike. BA said it plans to fly more than 60,000 passengers a day during the first strike which takes place between May 18 and 22.


In order to assist passengers that need to rebook flights during the strike, the airline has worked out deals with more than 50 carriers to help get people to their final destination.




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