This past weekend marked the end of a chapter in aviation history as British Airways said "cheers" to their last three remaining Boeing 757. A farewell trip was taken with the planes on Saturday October 30 around the UK. One of the planes was even painted in vintage BA colors from 1983.  


The planes departed from London Heathrow and flew around over Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. BA first used the 757 back in 1983, with the carrier flying 54 of them by the 1990s.


"Almost everyone in the operational side of the business has either
piloted, repaired, dispatched or looked after customers on Boeing 757s
during the past 27 years," said Stephen Riley, director of flight


Riley added: "Back in 1983, the Boeing 757 was at the cutting edge of
aviation technology, enhancing our capability to land in thick fog.
This allowed British Airways to fly when rival carriers would be
grounded. Now we are welcoming the Boeing 777-300ERs to the
fleet, which are setting their own new standards in customer comfort
and environmental performance.”


British Airways has debuted two Boeing 777-300ERs from an order of six. BA plans to feature 12 Airbus A380s beginning in 2012 and 24 Boeing 787s beginning in 2012.

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