British Airways plane ready for takeoff

British Airways has rough March


British Airways reported on Wednesday that due to the strike that occurred over two consecutive weekends in March, traffic dropped by 11.4 percent from year-over-year.


Premium traffic fell by 7.2% and economy traffic was down by 12.2 percent respectively. BA did have some good news to report as their load factor, which measures how full an airline's planes are, jumped 2 percent to 74.4 percent. 


The results of course can not be seen as an accurate account for how BA did between March 2009 and March 2010, as the strike, which the airline estimates cost them roughly $61 million dollars, affected their overall performance.


The feud between British Airways and their cabin crew over a new contract continues to go unresolved with the union expected to strike once again before May.


Source: British Airways

Image: Wikimedia

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