British Airways plane parked at Heathrow Airport in London, England

British Airways strike could cause Easter travel trouble



In what feels like a cruel holiday tradition, British Airways cabin crew are threatening to strike for seven days before Easter.


The scheduled dates include March 20-22 and March 27-30. This is one of the busier travel periods on the calendar.


It was just this past December that an eleventh hour negotiation stopped what could have been a holiday nightmare for millions of passengers looking to travel around Christmas and New Year.


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has come out strong against both sides and said they need to work this out as soon as possible. He added that the strike would be awful news for an already struggling British economy.


After receiving much negative backlash from the public after their last strike threat over Christmas, Unite promised not to do strike during Easter but warned if a new deal does not get worked out before the end of the month, they will in fact strike again in mid-April.


Source: Associated Press

Image: Wikimedia



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