BA crew to strike again over pay and work conditions


Another airline with union troubles is British Airways. The cabin crew just voted on a series of five-day strikes, with the first to be held next Tuesday May 18.


Both BA and Unite, the union representing the union workers, have not been able to agree on a new deal. The cabin crew want an increase in salary and better working conditions. 


The other announced strike dates include May 24, May 30 and June 5. Union members will go back to work for 24 hours in between the strikes. It seemed as if both sides were close to a truce late last month, but reports are Unite union turned down the latest peace offering from the airline.


One of the main reasons the talks broke down is due to the fact that the airline refused to give back the travel perks it had taken away from roughly 5,000 employees that walked off the job various times during the March strikes.


Source: Market Watch

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