British Airways crew in happier times.
British Airways avoids massive strike that would have affected 1 million travelers




British Airways has won a court order that will prevent a 12-day walkout by their cabin crew over the Christmas holiday.

London judge Laura Cox ruled in favor of the airline. Cox stated that the Unite union must now give at least a week’s notice should it win another mandate, which would make a strike this year highly improbable.

The walkout by 13,000 cabin crew at British Airways was set to start this coming Tuesday December 22, after months of talks between Europe’s third largest airline and Unite failed to yield an agreement.


It was just three days ago that Unite announced the stoppage after saying that it received support from an overwhelming 92 percent of flight attendants in a strike ballot.

On November 16, British Airways introduced new working practices without union consent. This led to heated discussions with the Unite union. BA is looking for ways to cut costs after a major decrease in air travel over the last 12-18 months. The strike would have disrupted more than 1 million travelers over the holiday season.


Source: Bloomberg

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  1. HUGH

    Woo hoo! Thank god it was stopped. I have plans to visit London over the holidays and was quite nervous about this strike.


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