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 "Denny's…is the place to go"

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When spending time in Las Vegas, it's easy to sleep right through breakfast though … any maybe even lunch. Which is a shame since Las Vegas is home to some of the most scrumptious, fantastic breakfast spots in the world.

Does a thick, fresh brioche topped with poached eggs and a side of crispy hash browns sound mouthwatering? Or what about chocolate-filled beignets warm out of the oven?

Sleeping through breakfast in Vegas could just be a sin.

Hash House A Go Go: With a few locations scattered around town, including at Imperial Palace, Hash House A Go Go serves plates that weigh as much as a small child. The "twisted farm food" has offerings like flapjacks (in tons of variations like butterscotch almond, mango coconut and blueberry pecan) that almost spill off the plate; scrambles and a large selection of benedicts.

Society Cafe: Housed inside Encore, Society Cafe is where the Las Vegas elite and high-roller tourists hang for breakfast. Esquire magazine called Society Cafe "one of the best new restaurants" in 2009, and it’s evident in every dish the restaurant puts out. It's got smoothies with supplements to throw in to get over a hangover or pack in some antioxidants. For those who want a morning cocktail, try the Blood Orange Mimosa. Meal offerings include a Scrambled Egg Pizza, Mini Quiche Trio and sweet sticky buns.

Omelete House: While it's not located on The Strip, it isn't far and the quick drive is worth it. This casual breakfast hot spot is the place to sit among locals. It's not the best looking restaurant, but the food is great and offers up plenty of choices for calorie-counters or comfort-food seekers. The menu is kitschy, with names for omeletes like "The Bugsy Siegel" (chunks of roast beef in Italian red sauce with sour cream and jack cheese) and "The Loch Ness Monster" (Gulf shrimp, avocado and cheddar cheese).

Bouchon: Hidden upstairs in Venetian, Bouchon serves up one of the most packed breakfast/brunches in town. Chef Thomas Keller has created an absolutely delectable brunch menu, packed with belly-filling dishes like Bouchon French Toast, bread pudding style; Sourdough Waffles; and Chicken and Waffles. While you can only feast on these delicacies during the weekend, waking up early and heading here is a must. They don't take brunch reservations, so the earlier, the better.  

Denny's: For those who just want to go and grab some cheap and consistent eats, Denny's, located on the heart of The Strip, is the place to go. Open 24 hours, and serving breakfast all of the time, no wake-up call is needed to hit this spot.


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