Ruben van Assouw recovering after Afriqiyah Airways plane crash


The 9-year-old Dutch boy who was the only survivor of last week’s plane crash in Libya is recovering well in Dutch hospital, his family tells sources.


The parents of Ruben van Assouw along with his 11-year-old brother were among the 103 passengers and crew members who died last Wednesday. The accident occurred when an Afriqiyah Airways plane crashed into the desert shy of the runway at an airport in Tripoli, Libya’s capital.


Ruben’s family said he’ll require another operation that he will receive once he’s strong enough to undergo the process. His legs were crushed in the crash.
Even though he endured a very traumatic experience, Ruben was not afraid to fly again.


He flew home Saturday with an aunt and uncle and is being cared for in a hospital in the city of Tilburg.


Source: Associated Press

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