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Boo York City? NYC Called Rude by Visitors, IMG Cred: Will McDowell

New York’s Not So Friendly Subway

You might get friendly smiles in a New York diner, but maybe they just want you tip. New York City was rocked by a vote which cast the locals as the world’s rudest people by outside visitors.

Can 50 million tourists who caught flights to New York last year really be wrong? The world’s most visited city of 2011 might be a tourist hotspot but apparently the people aren’t all that friendly.

44,000 responses to a survey published by Travel Leisure Magazine show that outsiders aren’t happy with the city’s cold reception to its many visitors.

In a desperate attempt to explain the findings, 35-year-old Bronx insurance agent Norita Diaram told Daily News that the unflattering findings might be “somewhat true.” She cited the “stress and the commute” as the city’s main downfall. “If you get out of the train, you’re automatically grumpy.”

Perhaps the city’s fast pace has been mistaken for rudeness by carefree tourists roaming the bustling streets around Times Square. Upper East Side natural gas broker Richard Rosenberg had other ideas, “There’s no way New York is rude, we’re just brisk.”

Without breaking the not-so-friendly stereotype, Sandy Grant, 47, from Brooklyn took a more direct approach to the city’s recent criticism, “Love it or leave it!”

So with that in mind, why not find out for yourself how rude or friendly New York City can be? Explore Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island in your quest for the trust. Just a cheap flight away and you can experience the buss of NYC for yourself.


Photo: Will McDowell (Author)

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