Boeing announced that they are indeed already working on a super-stretch version of their already enormous 787 Dreamliner. Even though ground tests continue on the 787-8 jumbo plane, which are already more than two years behind schedule, the company is hard at work designing a longer 787-9 model.


The super-super sized aircraft is expected to hold 290 passengers and fly about four percent farther than the 787-8 at 8,500 nautical miles. The first 787-9 Dreamliner is suppose to debut in 2013, but of course that date could change many times between now and then. But with the design completed, Boeing can start taking orders from any airline interested in ordering the twin-engine, wide-body jet.


Boeing, which is based in Chicago, Illinois, currently has 866 Dreamliners on order from 57 companies, with 675 of them for the 787-8 model and 191 for the 787-9 model. Boeing awaits final certification on the 787-8 from the United States' Federal Aviation Administration and international aviation regulators. The company said they will deliver their first order of Dreamliners to All Nippon Airways by the end of this year. 



Source: PR Newswire 

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