Boeing expected to hire millions over the next 20 years


According to a statement released Wednesday, the commercial aviation industry will have to hire over a million pilots and maintenance workers in the next 20 years to keep up with demand. 


Boeing estimates demand worldwide at 466, 650 pilots and 596, 500 maintenance personnel (engineers and mechanics) between 2010 and 2029. An astonishing 180,600 pilots and 220,000 maintenance personnel would be needed just in Asia alone, especially in China. 


According to the US plane maker, the world commercial aviation fleet is expected to increase from 18,890 planes in 2009 to 36,300 in 2029.


Over the next 20 years Boeing believes North America
will need 97,350 pilots and 137,000 maintenance personnel, with Europe requiring 94,800 pilots and 122,000 maintenance personnel.

Source: PR Newswire 

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