CC Flickr photo credit: Roxeanne Ready
The Museum of Broken Relationships celebrates the other side of love


Last week we told you about a strange way to spend Valentine’s Day in New York City. Today, the Seattle Times alerts us to another bizarre Valentine’s Day attraction: the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia.


According to the paper, the one-of-a-kind museum houses a collection of anonymously donated mementos from relationships gone by. With a total collection of nearly 1,000 items, ranging from beat-up teddy bears to a furniture set axed in a fit of rage, the museum is a testament to the raw power of a broken heart.


Each piece at the museum is accompanied by a note from its former owner explaining the significance.


It appears that chocolate and flowers aren’t the only things folks are interested in this time of year. The museum nearly doubles its attendance around the Valentine’s holiday, according to the paper.


CC Flickr photo credit: Roxeanne Ready


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