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From pop culture to historic movements and extraordinary waves of change to groundbreaking achievements the important contributions that African-Americans have made to our nation’s landscape are indisputable. As we celebrate Black History Month, we have to ask…how much do you really know about the ways in which African-Americans have shaped U.S. history?

Whether you’re a know-it-all or a novice, take this and put your knowledge of African-American history to the test!

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So, are you a history buff or a total neophyte? Tell us in the comments section!

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  1. Yvonnie

    Knowing answers to historical questions means I have a good memory but it is how you use those memories to pursue a better life for everybody. I’m not saying to ignore the past I’m saying to inspire to achieve to dream to hope. Do not wastes the struggles of so many.
    Love Compassion Education Unity Equality Freedom to be Unique

  2. Dawn

    This was one of the questions. “True or False? Black History Month was always a month-long celebration.” The quiz said that the answer is false. Black history MONTH has always been a MONTH long. Before it was black history MONTH, it was black history WEEK. This was a stupidly worded question. Your ignorance is showing.

    • Morly Cowan


      Thanks for your feedback. You are right. The question was worded incorrectly and we’ve since edited.

  3. Mr. E.

    I enjoyed the quiz. I wish the School Educational System bring back Black History classes. The young generation are missing important knowledge that needed to be shared.

  4. Matt

    Hi, great information. Thanks!

    One correction: The answer to the last question says the first Black History weeklong celebration was in 1926, and that it would take another 54 years for it to become a monthlong celebration. However, the first monthlong celebration was 44 years later (1970), not 54 (1980)


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