Bird-feeder Near Bob Hope Airport Arrest (CC Flickr photo credit: Mira (on the wall))

Feeding birds may land you in cuffs

Charles Douglas, a man who owns a roofing business near Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California was arrested Friday for feeding birds.

According to the Daily Mail report, Douglas has been warned by the local authorities to stop the practice.

He all ready received two court citations and a bench warrant for continuing to feed the pigeons for over a year.

Douglas was brought in to custody for failing to comply with court orders. He has since posted bond.

The report does state that feeding birds is not illegal in Burbank.

Bob Hope airport flights has been suffering from bird strikes however; jets have been hitting birds once every two months on average.  There were five bird strikes in July.


CC Flickr photo credit: Mira (on the wall)

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