Paging all X-Files fans, alien-obsessed nerds, and space enthusiasts: If you’ve always wanted to visit the mysterious places you’ve read or heard about but don’t know where to begin, then this list is for you. If you consider yourself a serious UFO hunter, or you just want to have some fun at an alien-themed festival, there’s no shortage of spots around the world that will help you find what you’re looking for.

From mysterious ranches and UFO trails to martian-themed shops and restaurants, these destinations are just what you need to get that extraterrestrial fix.

Hooper, Colorado

UFOs and aliens

Several strange events have been reported in this mysterious little town in Colorado. For one thing, many animals have been reported missing, and others have claimed to see strange aircraft at night. As any Ancient Aliens fan knows, these are considered prime signs of alien intervention. So many curious people began to visit this area that well-renowned author Judy Messoline helped to establish the UFO Watchtower in 2000, where you could get 360-degree views of Hoopers’s beautiful starry sky. So, if you ever find yourself in Colorado, camp out by the UFO Watchtower and look out for some flying saucers. And hey, even if you don’t catch any supernatural sights, you’ll have the sparkling night sky to keep you entertained.

Stonehenge, England

UFOs and aliens

This 10,000-year-old relic has been hailed as a huge mystery to both historians and scientists around the world. The large, seemingly machine-made structure is so expertly designed, it’s hard to believe that it was formed centuries ago. It’s still unclear who could have built it, what it was used for, and how they had the tools to do so. Not only that, a few miles away you could spot find tons of ancient crop circles that were discovered not too long ago. These elaborate shapes are embedded deep into the ground and are somehow perfectly coordinated. If you ever find yourself across the pond, check this site out for its historic and mysterious appeal.

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Kecksburg, Pennsylvania

In December of 1965, many residents of multiple states around the US claimed to see a massive fireball shoot across the sky. In the woods of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, residents reported hearing a loud bang and seeing blue smoke as well – people also claimed to see a strange, acorn-shaped spaceship with strange letters taken away by the military. Now, you can go visit their annual Kecksburg UFO Festival where people dress up like aliens, play alien-themed games and take pictures by a replica of the spacecraft reported, all while giving back to the town’s local fire department.

Roswell, New Mexico

UFOS and aliens

Of course, we couldn’t possibly leave out Roswell on this list. This spot is full of fun alien-themed restaurants and shops where you can get some cute souvenirs. This place is mostly known for The Roswell Incident, which took place in July 1947. Allegedly, the U.S. military announced that there was a spaceship crash, but then later claimed it was only a weather balloon. Some claim they even recovered a mysterious alien body! Since then, this locale has turned into a great little hideaway for fans of all things UFOs and aliens galore. Visit the Roswell Museum & Arts Center for some unique historic artifacts and learn more about this well-known town. We recommend finding cheap airfare to this hot spot during the summertime, where you could attend the Roswell UFO Festival – complete with its own costume contest and alien-themed parade!

San Clemente, Chile

The 19-mile long UFO Trail through the Andes is reported to having one of the most UFO sightings with at least one a week! Just a few hours away lies El Enladrillado, a large area of land made from “perfectly” cut blocks mysteriously put there thousands of years ago. If you stay long enough, maybe you’ll run into some little green men.

Vernal, Utah

UFOs and aliens

Vernal, Utah is known not only for spotting aliens, but other mysterious creatures like Big Foot have also been reported. This small town is also home to privately-owned Skinwalker Ranch. At 500 acres, this large piece of land has so many reported UFO sightings, that a team of scientists purchased it for private study! The wide-open space will give you a better, clearer look at Utah’s night sky, where maybe, just maybe,  you’ll see something strange. So, if you love to camp and you love aliens, this place will be sure to make your skin crawl.

What other destinations around the world are perfect for alien enthusiasts? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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