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Andale, or come on is probably the first thing you’ll say upon arriving to Mexico City and getting a whiff of the smell of local food. Mexican cuisine is often known for tacos, guacamole and tequila. Travelers can appreciate these untouched family recipes in traditional cities like Mexico City, where families eat with locals. This misunderstood city may be a place where a true culinary experience can happen daily.

Pozole: Don't be frightened by the strange name; Pozole is actually a well-known dish that could help you in many ways. This Mexican pork stew is a hearty and meaty comfort food with lots of traditional Mexican spices. What Mexicans and tourists will appreciate most about this dish isn't the delicious taste, but its added bonus. Apparently, it is known for curing hangovers and served at late hours for those who drank too much tequila.

Cabrito: If you know a bit of Spanish, you are aware that anything that ends with an -ito means it is a diminutive. The word Cabrito translates to little goat; but there is nothing small about this dish. Traditionally, it is roasted, but it can also be stewed or grilled on a pan. The versatile dish can easily be served with rice, dipped in salsa or used in tortillas.

Tortas: Those who might be new to traditional Mexican cuisine will appreciate the simplicity of a torta. It is a fancy name for a sandwich; served on crusty white bread. Served hot and with side dishes like salad or mixed vegetables, it is a simple dish with a traditional flair. Some examples of tortas are "Al Pastor"- marinated pork, Carne asada- marinated steak, or Huevo con salchicha- Sausage and scrambled egg.

Café de Olla: Americans and Europeans value the importance of a great cup of coffee. Anyone traveling to Mexico City has to try the traditional cafe de olla. After a long week of sightseeing, it is typical to find yourself at brunch on a Sunday morning sipping on this unique caffeinated drink. Enjoy the twist on traditional cafe con leche with a cup of coffee served with brown sugar and cinnamon. The sweetness of the drink provides lots of energy; to give you a boost when you’re exploring this historical city.

Tamale: Eating a dish that has survived the test of time; dating back to pre-Columbian (Columbus) era means this is the welcoming dish to Mexico City. Mexican tamales consist of a savory or sweet filling wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves. They are steamed and served immediately; kind of like unwrapping a delicious present. Indigenous natives used this dish as a nutritional and portable food option during war time and are now enjoyed internationally. Yet, the home of the tamale comes from a local street vendor in Mexico City; straight from the motherland to your stomach.


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CC Flickr photo credit: Al_HikesAZ

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