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Pittock Mansion


There is something about a Portlander and their pride towards their special little city. Is it the European like essence of the place, or perhaps its strangeness that keeps locals remembering they are like no other city? Throw out your previous recollections of a rainy little city and imagine Portland to be a playground for anything and everything. Visiting the best of the best is the first way to get introduced to this sweet little city.

Powell’s Books:
You don’t necessarily have to be a bookworm to enjoy Powell’s city of Books. You might need a map to navigate this larger flagship store however. If there is something Portlanders love, it’s curling up with a good book. Find fun selections from the best sellers to independent selections you’ve probably looked everywhere for. Whether or not you believe there are over one million books (We dare you to try and count), it’s an amazing store to observe.

Movie Brewpubs: Sure, it’s easy to go to your friend’s house and buy a 6-pack and rent a film, but imagine doing so in the likes of another city? Movie Brewpubs is the brainchild of Portlander’s soon to be favourite thing to do. You get comfortable seats, a larger projection screen, house-brewed beer and the opportunity to mingle with others. The concept is unique to the city and one of the best things to do to truly feel like a local.

International Rose Test Garden: You don’t carry the nickname the “City of Roses” without having a plentiful supply of them. Portland’s famous nickname is indeed this and for good reason- they have been the rose experts for decades. Since the early 20th century, the International Rose Test Garden has been the oldest public rose test garden in the U.S. This allows anyone to frolic through the rose bushes and capture lots of photographs in the fields. It’s also a lovely spot for wedding proposals, photographs or just good ole family fun.

Portland Saturday Market: Rise and shine on a Saturday morning and enjoy the best of Portland’s Saturday Market. Travelers are well aware that markets are not only the best place to shop and feel like a local, but also to find general entertainment. Start by shopping for unique artisan items at the arts and crafts market. Along the way, you can enjoy tasty international snacks at local stands. There are even live music performances since its location is in the popular Waterfront Park. You can make an entire day of strolling around the Market and the Waterfront area.

Pittock Mansion: Just above the high hills of Portland sits Pittock Mansion, a former place of residence that dates back over 100 years. Call it a luxurious castle atop the landscapes of Portland, it provides the most pristine views of the city skyline. The mansion itself is a sight to see, it was formerly the home of a pioneering Portland couple that worked towards the modernization of the city of Portland. One glimpse at this beautiful home and the view outside and you’ll fall in love with the simple cosiness of Portland.

Enjoy the best of the city and jump on a flight to Portland today!

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photo: erinmcguire

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