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Tacos: They are such a versatile dish enjoyed all around the world, but native to Mexico. They are great as an appetizer, a main dish, and especially as leftovers. One of the earliest dishes created south of the border was the taco; since it was simply a tortilla wrapped around a meat filling. Modern day tacos are filled with more exotic choices, like chorizo, lobster and even halibut.

El Villamelon Taqueria: Want to know where to find the best taco in Mexico City, or apparently in the world? El Villamelon Taqueria was voted number one by CNN. Since 1961, this local establishment has been preparing fresh tacos for clients. They’re humble too.  There aren’t any signs or fancy ribbons claiming they make the best taco in the world. It’s a place where they take taco-making and eating seriously, and for a good reason.

La Casa de los Tacos: “Tacos in the morning, tacos in the evening, tacos at suppertime.” This may sound like a familiar commercial, but when you’re at Casa de los Tacos, you can have tacos anytime. The name translates to The House of Tacos, and we’d love if our house was home to these tacos as well. To accompany the delicious taco menu are rich and savory sauces, like the picante sauce that will ring three alarm fires in your mouth.

El Califa: We’re not sure what we like more- their tacos, or their incredibly cute website with funny sounds. El Califa claims to serve the traditional taco, they prides themselves in using pure, fresh beef to make fresh tacos hot off the burner. All of their products and produce used are fresh from Mexico. Best of all, they are open until 4 a.m., so you won’t miss your opportunity to try their best taco: the rib eye and cheese taco. Yum!

El Rincon de la Lechuza: For as long as most of us have been alive (Over 30 years), El Rincon de la Lechuza has been known as one of the best taquerias in Mexico City, or even Mexico. Apparently, it’s got the local flavor of street food tacos in a nice establishment. One whiff of the grilled chorizos and you’re in. Vegetarian travelers will especially love the veggie or mushroom tacos, filled with Mexican flavor.

El Borrego Viudo: Tacos 24 hours a day? Now that’s our kind of service. The folks at El Borrego Viudo love tacos and serve them all day and all night long. One look at the kitchen and you’ll see them working faster than an assembly line. And if you love the idea of fast food, you can even drive up without leaving your car to get your taco fill. Get your taste buds ready (no pun intended) for the tacos de lengua, you guessed it- tongue tacos. Surprisingly, they are apparently tender and delicious.

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photo: ulteriorepicure

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