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 Loveland Festival 2011


It isn’t a Dutch summer if there isn’t something to celebrate, even if it is not a national holiday. Whether the summer is extra hot or mild in its nature, summer festivals in Amsterdam attract many to come out and play. When the weather is nice, everyone is out to soak up the sun, so join in on the action. It’s worth booking a flight to Amsterdam in the summer for some extra party time, day or night.

Grachtenfestival: Amsterdam is most famous for its canals, which in the last few years became an UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy these beautiful structures even more by attending Grachtenfestival, or Canal Festival. It is an annual classical music event which features rare performances in or around the waterways. It is a must see experience that celebrates the best of fine music and the lovely canals. And no, you don’t have to wear your ball gown or suit to enjoy this festival.

Gay Pride Amsterdam: Once August rolls around, Amsterdam pride is in full swing. Amsterdam’s gay pride parade is one of the biggest celebrations with over 350,000 visitors over the first weekend in August. Once again, the canals are a big part of the celebration, with the unique Gay Pride Canal Parade which features the most elaborate boat displays all year round.

Loveland: Feel the love at Loveland, the love for music, parties and having a good time in Amsterdam. And there is nothing like sharing this love with thousands of other party animals. With over 50 international DJ’s and numerous stages, it feels like dance music has taken over Amsterdam. It’s best to get your hands on these tickets fast; it seems to sell out very quickly each year.

Amsterdam Roots Festival: What began over a decade ago as the African Roots festival is now central to Amsterdam and attracts all cultures and roots. It is a world music festival featuring international music selections. Many recognize Amsterdam as an international city, but often don’t realize the cultural diffusion in the entire country. This is easily seen at the festival as locals, expats and Internationals show their pride, no matter where they come from.

Zomerfestival: If you couldn’t recognize it already, Zomer is the Dutch word for summer. This means, the Zomerfestival is the Summer Festival in Amsterdam. Since 1975, the Zomerfestival was actually started by Suriname inhabitants as a soccer tournament. It began to attract many locals and tourists alike who wanted to understand more cultures that weren’t typically Dutch. Nonetheless, in modern day, everyone comes together to enjoy the sun, different cultures and the music that accompanies it.  It’s one of the biggest celebrations, since it is enjoyed every weekend from mid-summer until a month’s end.

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photo: jaysphoto

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