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Ride the Tex-Mex Highway


With its proximity to Mexico, the state of Texas is known for having a huge influence from their neighbors south of the border. Amongst the Hispanic population, 36% consider themselves Mexican; hence why Tex-Mex places are becoming so popular and in demand. The actual definition is a term used to describe regional American cuisine with culinary creations of the influence of Mexico. Tex-Mex cuisine dates back to the 19th Centiury and is rich in savory dishes that would make anyone want to book cheap flights to  Dallas, or any Texas City for a taste of Mexico.
Via Reál: In big cities, sometimes Tex-Mex can be downgraded to be local street food, or a quick pick me up. Luckily for Dallas residents, specializing in the cuisine offers many versions of Tex-Mex. If you’re looking for a reputable place to have a business meeting, try Via Real. Authentic dishes are served in this upscale restaurant; with rustic walls with warm terracotta tones of an old Texan mansion.
Try: The Sunday Brunch: With choices like Southwestern eggs benedict, Coconut Chicken Breast with Pineapple-Lime Sauce and $1 Mimosas, you’d be silly not to spend only $20.
Monica’s Aca Y Alla: The Hispanic culture is obviously more than food; it is about the spirit and vibe of the culture. At Monica’s aca y alla; which translates to Monica’s: over here and over there.  It’s the perfect description for the Mexican spirit. Her website describes this title of feeling “here and there” due to thinking you might appear to be in a trendy European styled restaurant, but the flavor is truly Mexican. You can taste the excitement in her modern cooking; using old traditional recipes with a modern twist and fun location with live Latin Jazz on the weekends.

Try: .75 cent Margaritas with an entree on Wednesdays. Also, Ceviche Tostada: Usually this is a cold dish but try this lime marinated tilapia and shrimp over a large tostada with guacamole for a modern take on this original dish.

Mia’s Tex Mex: Who doesn’t love eating traditional food as if your family made it with heart and soul? High quality homemade dishes served in a cozy environment is what Mia’s Tex-Mex has to offer to visitors of Dallas. With a motto that says “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” it truly assures the customer they thrive on great service.

Try: Tuesday Night Tradition: Homemade Rellenos: A roasted fresh poblano pepper stuffed with melted cheese, diced pork and fried until crispy goodness: $9.99

Miguel’s Cantina: Following the pursuit of the American dream becomes ever so more fulfilling when you reach it. This was the story for Miguel’s Cantina; a family owned Dallas restaurant. The owner worked and managed many restaurants and finally has one of his own. Note: This place is for the Monday-Friday crowd as it is not open on weekends; even Mexican restaurant owners want to kick back and enjoy some Margaritas on the weekend! And who could blame them with the affordable prices that don’t sacrifice good taste.
Try: Speedy Gonzalez: 2 cheese enchiladas with chili con carne, Mexican rice, and refried beans. For $ 6.25

El Fenix Famous Mexican: When you’ve had nearly a century of service, you have every right to consider yourself a prominent Dallas restaurant. Fresh after the Mexican revolution, the owner arrives in Dallas and eventually becomes one of the founding fathers of Tex-Mex cuisine. His original cafe served Ango-American dishes integrating Mexican ingredients: Tex-Mex. It eventually turns into a restaurant, at one point a Ballroom with live music. Today it is the oldest Mexican restaurant chain with multiple branches, was featured on the Food Network, and is recognized as one of the most popular restaurants in Dallas, Texas.
Try: Everything! Start with The Classic Tex-Mex Combination: One Cheese Enchilada, Two Tamales with Chilli con Carne, One Meat Taco, One Cheese Taco with Rice and Beans: For $12.00!

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