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Pizza, Pizza!


If you had to choose one food you could live off forever, what could it possibly be? For many, it can easily be pizza, whether it’s a New York City slice or a heavenly pie from Naples. It truly is the city of pizza; a place where they have mastered the art of bread, sauce and cheese. Can you blame them? Pizza has been enjoyed since the early centuries, and became the staple dish in the 16th century.

Da Michele: Start your Italian pizza tour at Da Michele, home to what most tourists say is the best pizza in the world. Let your taste buds decide at this quaint, no frills restaurant. The place is always packed, which is always a good sign in Italy. It’s simply pizza here, since only two kinds of pizza are served here. Choose from the signature Pizza Margherita or the Pizza Marinara. Da Michele has been making customers salivate for pizza since 1870.

Brandi: Find a fascinating historical tale at Brandi, a place that is extremely proud of their discovery. Apparently, Margherita pizza was invented by Raffaele Esposito in 1889. It was in response to an offer to make three types of pizza for the Royal couple of Italy. This pizza that would be named after Queen Margherita would have the colors of the Italian flag- basil for green, tomatoes for red and mozzarella for white.

L’Europeo dei Mattozzi: Get your appetite ready for true Napoletana cuisine at L’Europeo Di Mattozzi. Find light, cloudlike-to-the-touch pizza that will be typically a heavenly experience. Like most Italian restaurants, the tradition relies on family helping keep the business flowing. You’ll be served by family members of the owner and will find the place to feel just like home. It is a warm and cozy place to enjoy an amazing meal.

Pizzeria La Notizia: Many tourists book flights to Italy simply for the pizza itself and general Italian cuisine. But, just what is the secret to good cooking? According to the chef at Pizza La Notizia all it takes is a few simple ingredients. It’s not about overwhelming the dish but using the top quality ingredients. Oh and they spend 10 hours letting the dough rise, allowing for the perfect bite of a crisp and light pizza.

Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente: You don’t have to know Italian to realize the word “President” is in the name of this famous pizza place. But, just who is it named after? This wasn’t always the name of this pizza place; it was actually renamed after former US President Bill Clinton who enjoyed his delicious pizza. If the pizza is fit enough for a former President, it must be damn good.

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