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French Pastries

You don't dare book a flight to Paris without trying their enticing baked goods on your trip. The city is notorious for awnings and window displays inviting tourists to indulge in many sweet treats. Whether your guilty pleasure is fresh French bread with butter or flaky croissants with nutella, your appetite will be more than pleased in Paris' best bakeries.

Maison Kayser: With locations all over Paris, you can't miss Maison Kayser. Their recipes are based on generations of family baking techniques, creating light and fluffy treats. You know a place is good when you see lines forming, which is always the case at this bakery. It will be worth the wait when you enjoy a fresh baguette or a simple buttery croissant. There is nothing but happy faces after a visit to Maison Keyzer for sweet treats for fewer than five euros.

Le Nôtre: A meal that is pleasant not only in taste, but design is well appreciated when dining abroad. One look at the displays at Le Notre and you'll be drooling for a taste. Catch a glimpse of a perfect sponge cake topped with fresh fruits or colorful tarts to catch your eye and sweet tooth. You can even take cooking classes to perfect your French culinary skills. Nonetheless, you can simply enjoy on the spot or take home some of their savory biscuits for the plane ride home.

Pierre Hermé: With gourmet bakeries in many international cities, Pierre Hermé must have treats that are worth spanning the globe. Though he has been baking as young as 11, there is a truth to the saying that things get better with age, including the flavors at his bakery. Treat yourself to an assortment of macaroons or chocolate bon bons to die for. The arrangements of his treats make for wonderful gifts or souvenirs for someone special, or even yourself!

Du Pain et des Idées: Carbaholics- beware, this is the perfect place for some of the best French bread in town. Staying true to tradition, Du Pain et des Idées makes their breads and other fresh treats with love and friendship, according to its owner. Baked goods go beyond sugar sweets and carbolicious bread to warm pastries stuffed with vegetables and cheese. In fact, no pastries are really served; the bakery stays true to old fashion styled Parisian bakeries. This bakery has truly perfected what is the quintessential French bread experience.

Pain de Sucre: Pain de Sucre actually translates to Sugar Loaf, but a lot more than that is served at this Parisian bakery. A view of the pastries is like being in a museum observing true works of art. Each treat is made precisely in an intricate form, ranging from flavored marshmallows to jewel like blueberries. It almost looks so pretty, you don't want to eat it- but you will, and guaranteed, you'll love it.

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