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Go See the Royal Palace!


It began as a humble fishing village, began to rise as a trading port and is recognized as one of the most fascinating European capitals. Amsterdam prides itself in its rich history and its awesome status in modern day. When visiting Amsterdam, the first place you’ll most likely arrive is via Amsterdam Central Station, which takes you right into Amsterdam Old Center- the cultural heart of Amsterdam.

Visit: Amsterdams Historisch Museum: If you wanted to brush up on your history of Amsterdam, you’d probably be reading for quite a while. You’re better off visiting the Amsterdam Historisch Museum, with creative exhibits telling Amsterdam’s history. It takes you down a historical path from its beginning as the city center expanded through the Dutch Golden Age, its role in WWII and to its present day claim to fame. You get a good taste for the vibe of Amsterdam from the trendy and attractive setup of the museum. There is even an interactive tour called Amsterdam DNA which uses a mobile app to take you around the actual city while learning about the historic places.

See: Royal Palace: We’re so familiar with the British Royal Family that we may not have noticed their neighbors next door also have their own Royal House. The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with its own Queen as the head of state. The Royal Palace in Amsterdam is a stunning facility that is one of three places where the Royal Family can reside and/or work. Located centrally in Dam Square, it was built in the Golden Age as a hall and transformed into the Royal Palace when Napoleon’s brother became King of Holland in the 19th century. Today, the palace is used for entertainment functions, but when it’s not, visitors can explore the royal grounds. Note: This year may be a fun year to visit since the current Queen abdicated and a new King (The first in over a century) will be crowned.

Explore: Spui: One of the nicest areas in the Old Center, before you hit the canal zone is Spui. This square in the center of Amsterdam is pedestrian friendly and easy to get to by foot. There are many restaurants, bars and open space where crowds fill during special events like holidays or big sport games. Book lovers will enjoy the Friday book market and the plethora of bookstores near the square. Look out for the small statue, Het Lieverdje (The Little Darling) which represents Amsterdam’s youth.

Eat: In de Waag: You can do lots of walking and exploring in Amsterdam, since it’s a fairly walkable city. Once your day is done, you’ll want to enjoy a nice, hearty meal. Restaurant Cafe in de Waag is a lovely and typical Amsterdam eatery with an interesting history. It is housed in a former city gate to Amsterdam that dates as far back as the 15th century. Their menu varies with the season, so if you’re visiting in the wintertime, you can enjoy warm delicacies like pumpkin and sweet pepper soup or turbot with beurre noisette. Their menu is extremely affordable and the service is impeccable. And we just love the aesthetics of the place from the long wooden tables, the majestic grandiose of the Medieval building itself and the candles only policy.

Drink: In De Wildeman: When in Amsterdam, you must try the variety of local and regional beers. Everyone is mostly familiar with Heineken, but Dutch beer goes beyond this favorite choice. In de Wildeman is located in a former distillery and is the perfect place to sample beer- since it’s a beer bar. There are 18 drafts and 250 types on bottle, mainly Dutch, Belgian and German. They take their beer so seriously that no music is played, so you can simply enjoy your beer and have nice conversations. And if there is one thing you should learn while visiting, that would be to say “Proost!” or “Cheers!” in Dutch.

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