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Summer and vacation seems like two words that seem to go very well. But what exactly comes to mind when you think about a hot getaway? Italy has a notorious reputation for being a culinary and cultural capital, but don’t miss out on some power-bronzing and beach-bumming.

The Off the Beaten Path Beach: San Vito lo Capo

We all love to joke around that the “boot” of Italy is “kicking” Sicily. But, this little island is a timeless treasure for those looking for a hidden beach getaway. Get away from the local beach crowds on the Amalfi Coast and take a trip to Sicily. This small town is located in a valley between high peak mountains. This gives you a gorgeous view when you’re sunbathing. The water is crystal clear; just Google a picture of it and you’d think it was the Caribbean!

The UNESCO World Heritage Site: Cinque Terre

If you don’t consider yourself a beach snob, or maybe you are and you’d like to see a different kind of beach, try visiting Cinque Terre. These villages on the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera paint the beautiful pictures of Italy you can imagine. You can go on a beach trail; sampling each village, since Cinque Terre translates to five lands. The newer beaches are in Monterosso where you can enjoy beach-side restaurants, cafes and of course, the sun.

The Popular Beach Destination: Sperlonga

Alright, so you want to be where the crowds are to see what the fuss is all about. Sperlonga (pictured to the left) is your typical beach town with booked reservations that go back for months. Since it’s easy to reach by train from Rome, it is a popular destination.  This city was built on a medieval fortress that overlooks the gulf. People love the beach here because the sea is calm; hence why many families and tourists flock here. When you’ve had enough of catching some sun (impossible!) you can always explore the city center which is your typical Mediterranean village.

The Tuscan Beach: Viareggio

Did you think Tuscany was just a place for landscapes, culture and wine? If you thought that, you are indeed correct, but it is a lot more than that. Since it’s located on the water, you can even find beaches on the coast. The most famous being Viareggio, which is a large beach resort area that is close to the historic town of Pisa. It’s a nice mix of Art nouveau buildings with seaside flavor. Dine on the best seafood after a long day on the beach. This beach will cost you since these are privately owned, but well worth the view, the ambiance and the experience.

The beach you can’t miss: Amalfi

It goes synonymous with the thought of beaches in Italy that Amalfi is a place you must visit if you love beaches. This vital city was the first Sea Republic in Italy and is now a resort town. Just the thought of soaking up the sun in a destination with dramatic cliffs and gorgeous vistas is enough to want to visit. Expect to spend a few days in Amalfi between battling beach crowds, enjoying the historical sights and taking lots, and lots of photographs.

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